identecoHR helps SMEs to get HR right and allows you to focus on the core business by automating routine tasks

Are you a busy HR professional currently buried under paperwork? Are you looking move your HR online? Would you like a second pair of hands to help you get through the endless administration needed to run an effective HR department?

identecoHR is a comprehensive online toolkit that provides HR support to business owners, office managers and HR professionals as they navigate their way through the endless admin often associated with HR. Freeing you from the endless, routine tasks which then enables you to focus on the core business.

Our innovative HR software will do the legwork for you – helping you achieve greater accuracy and proficiency and having a direct effect on your business’ bottom line. identecoHR provides a full range of human resources management and HR support services, helping your business to stay compliant, efficient and proactive.

From as little as 79p, per month, per employee, key features include:

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identecoHR is a collaboration of HR & Development specialists who are bringing together their skills to provide SMEs with a cost effective, efficient solution to businesses.



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