What is HR Management?

Human Resources (HM) or HRM (Human Resources Management) is the department responsible for the strategic development of an organisation’s workforce with the objective to retain and develop good people to give your business a competitive edge.

HR isn’t just about booking annual leave and recruitment; there are many vital tasks that fall under a HR Managers remit – many of them focussed on legislation, employment law, personal data security and employee safeguarding. In addition to these areas, there are many routine day-to-day tasks that need to be executed. This creates endless, repetitive administration that needs to be deployed efficiently and accurately.

Who needs HR Management?

Any organisation that employs one of more staff members is effectively running a HR department. Often for smaller businesses, this might be the business owner (who let’s face it will wear many other hats during their working day such as credit control, new business sales, customer service, IT support … we could go on!). As a firm begins to grow, it may make the leap to a designated Human Resources representative or manager who will manage all the following areas:

  • Recruitment, interviewing and onboarding

  • Legislation, Right to Work checks and compliance

  • Contracts

  • Starters’ and renegotiated contracts

  • Management of leavers and exit interviews

  • Performance manage employees

  • Appraisals, promotions, and career tracks

  • Annual leave – planning, viewing, authorising

  • Sickness and absence contingency planning

  • Maternity, paternity, sickness and retirement policies and terms

  • Shifts and rotas

  • Salary reviews

  • Health and Safety

  • Training and development

  • Strategic reporting on all employee matters

How can we help you manage your HR?

Our team of HR and Software specialists have created identecoHR to help HR departments manage employees and employee performance. Our comprehensive HR toolkit and performance manager helps to reduce the endless administration and repetitive tasks managed by Human Resources. Our Cloud-based software enables a human resource manager to streamline tasks, stay compliant and effectively manage a business’ employees. We’ll free up endless hours of a working week which can be redirected to other areas of HR.

From one online portal, you can manage all aspects of HR functions. The software can be configured bespoke to your business needs, with administration and user logins, as well as management of specific teams or departments.

identecoHR will help your HR department manage its people more effectively and help employee retention by showing your staff how important they are to your business. Clients can access further modules such as our Time & Attendance Toolkit to support visitor and staff arrival and departures to your sites and much more. From as little as 79 pence, per month, per employee you can be confident that we’ll not only meet your specific business needs, but grow as you grow, ready to be scaled up when you are ready. And with full support from our technical and support teams, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Want to know more? To make sure that you see exactly how much identecoHR can offer you, we welcome you to get in touch to arrange a demo of the product and see exactly how it can add value to your Human Resources operations.

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