Are you looking to move away from spreadsheet rota planning, paper timesheets and difficult administration processes? Our T&A Toolkit can be built bespoke to your workplace needs

identecoHR’s Time and Attendance (T&A) Toolkit is a powerful and accurate set of tools and solutions that can be taken in part or in whole covering:

  • Digital clocking in/out systems at any place of work for staff, agency staff, suppliers or visitors
  • Online rota and shift planning tools
  • Digital/web input for manual time recording
  • Online Timetable, Time & Budget monitoring
  • Outputs to Payroll for PAYE calculation
  • SMS staff messaging / communication tools

Our complete Solution:

The comprehensive solution can cover hardware, software, installation and maintenance that can include:

  • Touchscreen / Key-pad visitor registration hardware to suit your sites, locations and working environments
  • Secure, online cloud-based software to manage plan, manage and control staff cover and shift patterns to produce approved data for payroll
  • System set-up and installation with ongoing maintenance and support

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Benefits of our Solutions:

  • One specialist provider for hardware/software installation and maintenance
  • Remove non-efficient paperwork, timesheets, sign-in registers
  • Improves staff productivity through digital planning, tracking and control
  • Reduces administration errors between separate systems
  • Improved site security and attendance register safety systems

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In addition to T&A benefits, low-cost additional solutions are available in terms of low-cost SMS Communications and our Asset Control system.

Features of our Solution:

Our software provides an intuitive user experience that will not only track employees' arrival and departure times, but will enhance security by eliminating any fraudulent clock-ins and increase productivity.

The identecoHR T&A Toolkit will allow a user to generate scheduled, comprehensive reports specific to their business needs. identecoT&A will calculate the Bradford Factor, overtime worked, late starts and complex shift patterns - cutting down on detailed administrative time and laborious data entry.

Select the Solution component for your needs

Our T&A Toolkit can be taken in whole or as modular solutions providing our Clients a range of options including:

  • identecoHR software only: no need for visitor registration at door entry? Use the software planning and for your employees to login and register digital timesheets to remove paper
  • add Door Entry Regsitration: integrate hardware at door entry to enable timely digital clock/punch in and out. Select which level of security and ID validation is required for your business
  • add SMS communications platform to support instant and immediate broadcast messaging to employees, agency staff or visitors
  • purchase individually or add asset control software as a complete digital T&A solution

Purchase the identecoHR T&A modules to operate separately, integrate with your HR systems or also integrate with our HR Toolkit to provide you the full HR Management suite of functionality to reduce HR admin and improve efficiency.

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