A digital clocking in system to reduce the need for manual signing in, timesheet completion and complex administration processes

Our online clock in system provides forward thinking businesses with a solution to tracking attendance management for their employees.

identeco Time & Attendance is a powerful, intuitive online portal which will enable your workforce to log their arrival, departure and break times in order to reduce time lost from manual completion of timesheets – and the input of this data into your own systems, increased security, powerful reporting tools which can be set to generate timely reports to support Payroll & HR functions. In addition to all the employee time tracking features available, the system enables businesses to improve security, compliance and their health and safety procedures.

identecoT&A offers various options for staff time tracking and logging arrival and departure times to reduce cross infection and increase security with sign in option such as include fingerprint, facial and voice recognition.

Our online clocking-in systems is used across many sectors and sizes of businesses – from single location to multi-site organisations. We work with many leading educational, commercial and care facilities to whom our online clock in system is invaluable. Our system is used by a leading London hospital whose workforce includes contract, freelance staff and permanent staff, who work complex shift patterns.

Whatever your organisation’s structure and challenge, we will work with you to provide a complete solution to meet your business, working environment and specific site needs.

Remove non-efficient paperwork, timesheets and sign-in registers

By introducing a digital clock in system, you will dramatically reduce time that is wasted due to the manual completion of timesheets and the data processing time spent inputting this information in order to support other functions of the business. You will see a positive impact on this almost immediately.

Online rota and shift planning tools

The online portal enables users to quickly and easily view upcoming shift patterns to identify under or over resourced shifts.

Improved Security

For many busy workplaces, security is an issue – even if you have a front of house presence, do you really know who is on your premises? Our system can be configured to only allow access to specified staff or visitors and an image capture can be taken on arrival. Not only does this prevent any unwanted visitors or personnel but will also reduce ‘buddy sign ins’ where staff may sign in and out of each other.

In the case of an emergency such a fire alarm, administration can view a roll call of people on site at any one time.


Our innovative time and attendance toolkit provides a detailed level of reporting, allowing managers, HR or payroll to drill down to review staff, freelancer or contractor hours worked or to measure KPIs. Reports can be timely and automated, or configured and downloaded in real-time.


User access levels can be set to enable differing visibility and access to data – from entry level user to administration and management.

Increase productivity

Employee time tracking is fully transparent so your teams understand that their attendance is being monitored and this can often result in improved time keeping and productivity.

Custom prompts and health and safety questions

The clocking in portal can be configured to ask a series of questions to staff on arrival at the site. These can include health and safety questions to support any track and trace procedures you may wish to consider.

Reduce duplication and admin errors

Our time and attendance system will prevent costly errors that can often happen in the transfer of data between two systems. Our comprehensive system brings HR and Payroll together seamlessly.

Data outputs to Payroll

Minimise data inputting – and the minuscule errors that can have a substantial impact on a business, by outputting data to payroll for salary configuration. This can be automated to integrate on a set day of the month, or week. This can be configured to your business’ exact needs.

Complete installation, maintenance, and support

Our team will work with you to determine your requirements, install hardware and software and configure this to your exact business needs. We will manage and maintain equipment and software to assure that it continues to work at an optimum at all times. Maintenance will be planned and schedule to have minimal impact on your business. You will have a designated support team who will work with your during onboarding as well as provide support and advice whenever needed.

Would you like to see identeco Time & Attendance in action? We can arrange a no-obligation demonstration at a time to suit you. Call us on 01527 386 624 or contact us today.

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