identecoHR T&A system delivers efficient administration processes, drives up productivity and improves security in your workplace

Whether you only select the identecoHR T&A software and decide against use of our visitor registration systems, identecoHR specialists are available to work with you to find, design and install the optimal solution for you and your workplace.

We aim to provide you a comprehensive suite of tools within any solution to improve efficiency, processes and productivity, provide better decision-making information and enhance security. Potential benefits from the identecoHR T&A solution are explored below, but suggest you explore identecoHR SMS Communications and identecoHR Asset Management on how these may also enhance your business performance.

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No more manual timesheets

Manual, handwritten timesheets are fiddly and, in most cases, open to inaccuracy as they are often compiled from memory. Our digital clocking in and out through on-site touchscreen hardware provides digital tracking of all entry and exits of staff, suppliers or even visitors. No more manual tracking and delays in reporting, attendance registers or understanding unplanned absences.

Install the hardware to digitally capture attendance or use the mobile web version to allow manual a real-time, accurate record of attendance to planned shifts or unplanned visits. Use the web versions to manage, edit and approve timesheets for payroll processing.

Improves Administration Efficiency:

Our solutions provide efficiency through the removal of old, paper-based systems recording systems. It eliminates time and effort for planning activities and data-entry into multiple systems. It can be further enhanced through our integration (API) capabilities to work with our own identecoHR Toolkit or your own HR or Payroll systems. This process will save time for the creators of timesheets and those who have to carry out the data-entry administration processes.

Processes are streamlined, administration activities are eliminated or reduced with management tasks to control and report improved and made more effective. Manual errors are reduced, rekeying, reconciliation to plan and reporting are all improved.

Our solution will remove the need for supporting administration processes, reduce errors and improve the speed of delivery of outputs for approval, payroll or other decision making information and reports..

Simple and easy to use

The identecoT&A Toolkit provides a modern, easy-to-use, intuitive end-user experience for all Users. Set-up, administration and ongoing management can be done quickly and easily including all users, sites, locations, departments, etc. Planning and budgetary monitoring can be achieved quickly with the reporting function providing a facility to provide additional information for analysis. The identecoHR T&A team will work closely with you during the onboarding process and be on hand for any other support needed along the way.

Increases Productivity & Management Control

A recent study showed an average of 590,000 workers show up late for work every day and this directly impacts a business’ bottom line. The identecoT&A Toolkit clocking in/out facility with on-site, cloud based digital time capture systems will track attendance arrival and departure times. You will be able to know who’s on site at any time through Roll Call functionality or assess early/late punch in/out for all users of the system.

These features enable real-time management controls on shift planning as well as a timely record of attendance on a 24/7 basis in order to ensure plans are adhered to, services are maintained and records immediately available for analysis and management control.

Creates Timely Information and Insight: build and run reports

Generate real time reports based on your specific needs and automate delivery. Currently over 25 standard reports are available for review with the ability to apply filters and customise to your requirements.

Download and save these reports to excel as needed for further analysis. Customise and build further reports with identecoHR T&A specialists for your business needs. The system provides data available at your fingertips at any time rather than asking for inputs or waiting for data entry processes to provide out of date information.


100% system availability, secure and supported 24/7, our solution and systems can provide you the peace of mind that your data, sites and locations are protected. identecoHR T&A is ISO9001 certified and works to ISO27000 security requirements.

Our tool is GDPR compliant and provides our Clients the certainty that records are planned, managed and controlled with instant insight and available data and information.

Fully Supported

From initial requirements, installation to ongoing hardware and software support and maintenance, our teams remain ready to aid and assist our clients with requirements to deal with their issues and challenges. Installation and set-up are planned and managed with our clients, with additional training provided if needed for system administrators (although easy-to-use, intuitive systems are usually quickly learnt).

Our system specialists and maintenance engineers will ensure that our solutions silently operate to support you in your business, but are also available for any specific customisations and enhancements on set-up or as your business changes and responds to ongoing, developing challenges.

See how we work with our Clients here.

Flexible / Customised for your business

Set-up is intuitive and online guidance is provided, but our team can assist you to create the set-up that works for you and your business. Add people, roles, positions, rates, sites, locations, groups, shift patterns or custom messages easily from the T&A admin dashboard. The system will efficiently monitor freelance, agency or temporary staff as well as visitors.

Standard reports have been generated that should cover most of your needs, however, others can be created by you and the identecoHR support desk is available to create further reports on request.

Data (API) feeds either in or out of the system can easily be created in order to reduce any manual updates or ensuring alignment to other business information and systems. identecoHR T&A will synchronise with any other HR systems and/or payroll in order to make a fully integrated and efficient set of processes.

Synchronises with HR systems or Payroll

identecoHR T&A software can integrate with your payroll system, transferring employee attendance data to reduce errors and save on processing time. It can accommodate actual hours worked through planned shifts, ad-hoc or flexi-time hours worked or exception management.

All records will be made available on a timely basis for payroll schedules and can include expense and allowances. All records are available within the system for review and approval and can be produced in any format required for any payroll system.

Data requirements are simple and connectivity available through any standard API connectors.

Improved Security

Our visitor registration systems with image capture, key-fob or code entry for ID verification against security device, codes or retained images. Registration details can be customised in order to capture the data that your business needs.

No more buddy check-in / check-outs and verifiable, photographic evidence at door entry for staff, suppliers or visitors. Captured data is controlled under ISO27001 security protocols removing potential GDPR or privacy issues that can occur in paper-based attendance registers.

Remove the need for visitor books by the digital recording of name, addresses, contacts and any other details required as well as an image capture of the attendees at any site or location. Enables reporting, analysis, track and trace facilities as well as a useful and timely roll call in the event of any onsite emergency.

Software and hardware have standard password controls, with the ability to adopt to specific password criteria for your organisation. LDAP UserID and password synchronisation can be achieved if required.

Additional functionality to monitor and verify health / temperature is also under development for the future. Find out more on here for our approach to security or explore options and opportunities with our identecoHR T&A specialists by calling them today.

Digital Visitor Records

Remove the need for visitor books by the digital recording of name, addresses, contacts and any other details required as well as an image capture of the attendees at any site or location. Enables reporting, analysis, track and trace facilities as well as a useful and timely roll call in the event of any onsite emergency.

Ensure that any visitors complete questions or provide required information before gaining entry to sites or locations. Bar or prevent access without specific requirements or acknowledgements.

Improves Communications

Beyond instant access to timetables, late or early punching in/out and shift attendance, additional benefits can be obtained through the SMS messaging system to enable instant distribution of broadcast or unique messages sent to staff, suppliers or other attendees by unique sites or locations.

This system feature ensures consistency of messaging straight to hand-held devices for general information broadcasts whilst urgent calls to action, alerts to issues or reminders for meetings or payroll tasks can also be generated from a desktop.

All the communications system needs is the registered mobile phone number of the contact person – which can be captured for guests/visitors at the point of entry. See more details here.

Contact us for a demonstration or to talk to us about your requirements

Explore each benefit by clicking above for more information or contact us for a demonstration or to talk to us about your requirements

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