Visitor Registration and Security

As identecoHR T&A experts work with you, we will determine your specific requirements for your sites, locations and software. identecoHR already operates under ISO9001 and ISO27001 policies and processes to give you the comfort that our operating procedures can meet or exceed those of your business.

We will work with you to determine:

  • Hardware Requirements – touchscreen registration systems with photo/image capture are provided as a set of standard devices and set-up. These can be supplemented by additional equipment depending on your specific requirements and policies, extending to other recognition devices such as finger print or RFID keyfobs and readers.

    Hardware will need power and ethernet internet connectivity as standard. Use of WIFI or even mobile data connectivity can be designed into specifications if required. Our identecoHR T&A engineers will work with you for your specific location requirements as we recognise that different entry points and locations will have different set-ups and configurations.

    We will collaborate with you in order to design a solution that delivers to your initial needs and accommodate changes as your business changes, grows or responds to new challenges such as capturing registration records for the recent Covid-19 track and trace requirements whilst maintaining GDPR compliance.

  • Visitor Registration Policies – Door ID registration systems with image capture or code entry can enhance registration speed, security and data compliance. Door entry controls, however, can be further customised in order to capture the data that your business needs or currently works with “Authorised Entry only”.

    Additional security controls can be examined during requirements gathering that include RFID Keyfob, Fingerprint identification and Image verification. Voice recognition is also available on request.

  • Software Configuration – accessible under https and password protected as standard, our software can be further configured in order to comply with any of your specific requirements.

    Enhancements can cover User Access privileges, password controls or integrations to enable single sign-on or 2 factor authentication.

  • You can rest assured that our systems and operations for the identecoHR T&A platform, the SMS Communications or Asset Management solutions can maintain exceptional levels of security for your data and your sites.

    Please contact us today if you would like to know more about our approach to our standard and enhanced security options.

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