What is HR Software?

HR software helps organisations to streamline all people management processes into one manageable online portal.

identecoHR is a clever piece of Human Resources, also known as Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), that enables businesses to manage all aspects of HR effectively and compliantly whilst also streamlining tasks to reduce administration time.

How can HR software help me?

People are the beating heart of any business – and vital that they are looked after properly. HR is an important cog in any progressive business and having a reliable HR management tool enables businesses to look after their teams properly. Investing in a solid HR System that can grow with your business allows your managers to support your staff and manage them better.

Our intuitive, cloud-based software allows business owners and HR Managers to control all aspects of HR from one portal, putting your people at the very heart of what you do.

Our HR online software saves time, freeing your managers from endless administration and repetitive tasks.

When does a company need to invest in HR Online Systems?

As soon as your organisation has staff, HR becomes part of your business. Contracts, legislation, annual leave allowances, shift patterns, salaries and commissions all form part of day-to-day HR management. As a business grows, so does its team and HR can often find that they get swept along without the correct tools or processes in place to correctly take care of their people. This can lead to mismanagement of employees, violating legislation, poor employee retention, non-compliance or exposure to risk such as missing vital Right to Work checks.

A good piece of HR software does not need to cost the earth

It is important that you make the investment into a suitable HR system as soon as your team begins to expand. One size does not fit all, and you should be careful that you select a human resources system that will grow and adapt with your business.

It is also worth investing a platform that enables some autonomy for your staff – so one with admin and user access rights is a consideration. It’s a good idea to make sure that the software can be regularly updated or have maintenance should it need a little TLC (we all do …)

identecoHR is available from as little as 79p per month, per employee

Features include:

  • Recruitment management

  • Starters and leavers contract changes

  • Right to Work checks

  • Employment history and staff changes

  • Shift patterns, work rotas and schedules

  • View, manage, request and authorise annual leave

  • Absence management and contingency planning

  • Management of appraisals, promotions and career tracks

  • Company-wide communications

  • Build and run bespoke reports

  • Additional module of our Time & Attendance system available as a bolt-on service

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